Labels and Databases


Design your own labels and barcodes from scratch


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Labels and Databases is an application for designing practically any kind of label thanks to its extensive built-in database. This app will help you create labels, envelopes, and letters using predefined formats and then modify them to your heart's desire with any of the hundreds of options that it includes.

Specifically, Labels and Databases includes predefined text objects, graphics, images, geometric shapes, thumbnails, preset text boxes, barcodes, lines of any color, and a long list of other possibilities. In addition, you can also add tons of effects to your images, like modifying the opacity or inserting masks to make simple object combinations.

All you have to do is choose the format of the label that you want to play with and explore all the options provided by this app. In just a few minutes, you can experiment with a large variety of available options to style the labels for your businesses or personal projects. Besides that, Labels and Databases also lets you print your creations directly to standard or specialized printing devices. You can export your labels as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, BMP, or PNG files, among others.

The app also lets you import your own images and edit them with rotation, cropping, color modification, inverted colors, and sound reduction.
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